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Fairy Bread Day proudly supports ReachOut!


We are proud to continue our support for ReachOut in 2022.

Accessed by more than 2 million people in Australia each year, ReachOut is a free service that’s available anytime and pretty much anywhere. More than 50% of young people head online to seek help when going through a tough time, and ReachOut is dedicated to providing the help that is so important within this space. Focused on providing Australia’s youth, and the authority figures in their lives (their parents and teachers) with the tools they need to help tackle the tough realities of coming of age, ReachOut is dedicated to helping their users improve their understanding of their own experiences of mental health and wellbeing.


By providing practical strategies and tools to support their mental health, and connecting them with others that might be going through the same thing, our support of ReachOut is core to Fairy Bread Days key message — Sprinkle Kindness.


Dollar Sweets pledges to donate 10c from every pack of Dollar Sweets 100s and 1000s sold during November 2022. Whether you’re hosting your own Fairy Bread Day Party or enjoying a slice solo, your support is so greatly appreciated.


Donations close 01.12. 22


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