How It Started

Fairy Bread Day. A big idea that started small!


Back in the day, November 24, 2014 to be precise, the founder Adam Schell whilst enjoying a snack of Fairy Bread, jokingly said, “There should be a day to celebrate this!”.“Well mate, why don’t you make one?”, was his friend’s response. Not a single light bulb moment, more like 100’s & 1000’s occurred and Fairy Bread Day has been celebrated on November 24 ever since.


Even our American friends enjoy this Aussie culinary delight! In 2016, Fairy Bread Day fell on Thanksgiving. A fortuitous alignment of our calendars or what? Anyhow, this resulted in many Americans enjoying the joys of fairy bread for the first time. Thousands of Aussie expats around the globe also join in the celebration partaking

in a few slices of ‘home’ every year.


You never know, there has even been talk of making November 24, International Fairy Bread Day.

Watch this space!