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 How It Started 

Fairy Bread Day. A big idea that started small!

Back in the day, November 24th, 2014, to be precise, founder Adam Schell jokingly said over a slice of Fairy Bread, “There should be a day to celebrate this!”.

“Well mate, why don’t you make one?”, was his friend’s response. And as simple as that, Fairy Bread Day has been celebrated on November 24th ever since.

An irresistible slice of nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times, Fairy Bread Day is a celebration of Aussie culture. From teachers to tradies, young and old, Fairy Bread Day is now celebrated all around Australia and even around the world, with expats relishing in a slice of home!

Proudly sponsored by Australia's leading sprinkle connoisseur's, Dollar Sweets, Fairy Bread Day has evolved over the past year to become about more than just the sweet slice of childhood.

In 2020, Fairy Bread Day announced its partnership with Australia’s leading online mental health service, ReachOut. Since then, with your help we have raised over $60,000 to help support Australia’s youth. Continuing our partnership in 2022, Fairy Bread Day is dedicated to Sprinkling Kindness and hosting space for important conversations around mental health.

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