Every Slice Counts

Mention Fairy Bread and you’re taken back to a kid’s party, young friends, and simpler times, proving that the best childhood memories last a lifetime. So yummy too, why did we ever stop? You can relive those colourful memories on Fairy Bread Day and channel your inner child, the one who can enjoy a slice of sprinkled pleasure among friends and for a good cause. Host your own party this year, virtual or socially distanced, and support ReachOut Australia's mission to provide accessible mental health resources for our youth. 

How to make this Aussie Fave

We all have our own spesh recipes, so by no means are we saying this is the way to do it. However, one thing all Aussies will agree on is 100's and 1000's is the only way to go when it comes to a delish slice of Fairy Bread.

Here is how we love our Fairy Bread!